About Us

Hello, my name is Jaafar and my wife’s name is Aiysha. We were both at one point H1-B visa holders. I got my masters degree in Engineering along with some certificates and my wife got her masters degree in accounting as well as her CPA. We decided we wanted to share some insight and facts about H1-B visas since they are so commonly mistaken. The first mistake people make is the fact that a H1-B visa is a non immigration visa. To qualify for a H1-B visa, you have to at least have your bachelors degree. The education bar is set very high and it is very hard to qualify for a H1-B visa. The visas have 3-year terms and you can extend the visa for another 3 years but after the 6 years you have to leave the U.S. Some ways you can stay is through marriage, employment, etc. Luckily by the end of my 5th year I married Aiysha. She was on her second year when we met. We also were both lucky enough to find employment with our company’s we were temporarily working with. Most people aren’t as lucky as we were and have to leave after their term is over. Some people are okay with that but most people are devastated because it is almost like a tease getting to live in the U.S. for a couple years or so and then having to leave. We hope that you guys find our blogs helpful and interesting. Thanks for your time!