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Indian Wedding Glossary
Aadyaraathri: This is a synonym for "first night" in Malayalam. In malayalam word "Aadya" means first and "Rathri" means night.

Aarsimashaf: Reading of the Holy Quran during Muslim wedding. Reading of respective Holy book is common in Indian weddings. Especially Muslim and Christian weddings.

Aathgath: A gift of salt and cash. This is a traditional part of Kashmir weddings. Aathgath will be given to the newly weds as part of the wedding ceremony.

Aatta: Wheat flour

Achkan: A long dress like coat worn by men.

Adapradhaman: A special type of "payasam" served in wedding reception in Kerala. Adapradhaman is made out of milk, sugar, banana, cocunut etc.

Adravanu: The engagement function.

Agarbatti: Sandal sticks used in prayer. This is an integral part of the religious functions among the hindu religion.

Agni Sakshi: Fire as witness

Aliyan: Brother in Law is called as "Aliyan" by Christian community in Kerala

Amaavasi: No moon day

Ambalam: Temple is called as "Ambalam" in Malayalam

Ambalappuzha: A famous temple of Sree krishna in Kerala

Ammayiamma: The mother in law in malayalam

Ammayiamma pudava: A special dress given to bride's mother by groom's mother at groom's house after marriage.

Ammayiappan: The father-in law in malayalam

Aniyan: younger brother of husband is termed as "Aniyan" in Malayalam

Antham chaarthu: A special function at Knanaya Christian's marriage

Arasanikkal: Erecting the bamboo stick in front of the marriage

Arti: A form of prayer using a special flame.

Arundhati Nakshatra: Invoking the blessings of Arundhati and Vashisht.

Ashirvaad: Alternate term for Blessing.

Ashura: Hindu calendar month

Athiraathram: A special prayer or homam

Babul: Dad , father

Bachelor Party: A special party at the night before marriage to celebrate the end of bachelorhood.

Badam: Almond.

Bagh: Hand made cotton cloth.

Bahu Bhaat: Acceptance of the Bride into her husband's home.

Bandhu Veedu: wife's family for huband and vice versa.

Banglow: A big house in royal appearance.

Banshi Biye: A Bengali wedding ceremony.

Bartan: kitchen utensils.

Basar ghar: A Bengali ceremony after the wedding.

Basmati: a special rice used for making Biriyani.

Battana: Paste in Panjabi

Beevi: Muslim community call their wife as "Beevi".

Bhabhi: Sister-in-law (brother's wife).

Bhagwan: The Almighty God

Bharani: The 28th constellation

Bhavna: The emotions or future expectations

Bidaai: Sending off the bride to Groom's house

Bindi: A symbolic dot on the forehead sported by Indian women, which depicts she is married.

Bou bhat: Bengali ceremony in which the bride is served with food.

Brahma: The creator of the universe, one of the Trinity. Alternate name for GOD

Bride: The lady who is marrying.

Chacha: Paternal uncle

Chachi: Paternal uncle's wife

Chaitra: The first month of the Hindu calendar.

Chandan: Sandalwood.

Chautanan: ceremonies after wedding

Cheka: Engagement

Choli: Upper garment or blouse.

Chudi: Bangle

Chunni: Veil

Daan: Giving away-offering for charity.

Dada: Paternal grandfather.

Dadi: Paternal grandmother

Dahej: Dowry.

Dampathi: Young couples

Darpan: A looking mirror

Darzi: A tailor

Devar Samardhne: Puja for seeking gods blessings forthcoming wedding

Devtas: The Godess.

Dhallal: The marriage broker.

Dhashina: The couples are giving special gifts to their parents and elders at the time of marriage

Dhoti: An unstitched lower garment worn by men.

Doli: Bride and groom leave for his home

Dulha: Groom

Dulhan: Bride

Ek Jot Doe Murti: Holy saying, meaning: one spirit in two bodies.

Engagement: The final fixing of the marriage. For certain religions engagement is a big ceremony.

Eswar: Alternate name for God

Ettathi: Elder brother's wife

Gae Halud Tattava: In Bengali marriages,gifts are sent from the groom's house for the bride as part of pre-wedding ritual

Gaffar: Copper Vessel

Galsedi: A welcome ceremony performed for the Groom at Bride's premise.

Ganesh Pooja: Prayer to Ganesh

Garhi - Bukhi: Puja for the Groom's and the Bride's mother

Ghazal: Urdu song-a special stream in music

Ghidhari: The dead ancestors are invited to the wedding through this special prayer.

Godh Barai: Brides lap filled with gifts .

Grahapravesam: The first entering of the couples to the house after marriage.

Grihasta: The married status

Gurdwara: Sikh place of worship

Guru Granth Sahib: The Holy Book of Sikhs

Haar: Necklace

Haldi Ceremony: Purification & Beautifiction of bride

Haligandun: A wide belt worn by the traditional Kashmiri bride over her attire

Halwa: A sweet dish.

Havan kund: The vessel in which fire is lit for the prayer.

Haveli: The mansion

Henna: An yellowish red dye used on parts of the body.

Homam: Sacred fire for prayer

Illam: The ancient Brahmina family

Indran: The king of gods

Jaathakam: Horoscope in Malayalam

Jaggo: A ceremony that takes place on the eve of a Sikh wedding

Jamun: A type of leaf

Janampatri: Horoscope

Janmadinam: Birth day

Jija: Brother in-law

Kaanjipuram Silk: Silk Saree made from Kanjipuram of Tamil nadu

Kalayana Mandapam: Hall or Auditoriam for Marriage ceremony

Kaleechairs: Rings given to the bride's sisters and friends by the groom

Kalyaanam: Marriage in Malayalam

Kalyana Urappikkal: The fixing of marriage,prior to engagement

Kangan: Bracelet

Kankan-bandan: groom and bride put bangles on each other

Kanyadanam: Giving away of the bride by her father

Kanyaka: virgin lady

Karpoor: Camphor

Karra: Bangle in panjabi.

Kettukalyanam: The Marriage

Khol Barana: The marriage alliance is confirmed

Kshatriya: The warrior caste.

Laadi: Bride

Lagan: The actual wedding ritual

Lagna: Wedding ceremony

Lakshmi: Goddess of wealth.

Lavaan: A wedding song, sung to celebrate a holy union between the human soul and God

Lighting the lamp: A symbolic action of litting a lamp as the inaguration of any special ceremony

Maala or mala: A necklace or garland

Madhuram vekkal: Distribution of Sweets initiated by the couples

Madhuvidhu: Honey -Moon

Mama: Maternal uncle

Mami: Maternal uncle's wife.

Manasammatham: Synonym for Engagement

Manavaalan: Groom

Manavaatti: Bride

Mangal sutra: The wedding necklace.

Mangalya Soothram: Another term for Thaali

Manglik: One whose horoscope has the planet Mars placed in the fourth,seventh, eighth or twelfth house-called 'chovvadosham' in Malayalam

Manthrakodi: A special saree given by groom to bride in christian marriages

Milni: The Reception

Mohra: Sovereigns

Moothiram maattum: One function at engagement-exchange of rings

Mothiram: wedding ring

Muhoortham: The particular time at which main functions of marriage is to be done

Muracherukkan: uncle's son who is considered as future groom.

Murappennu: uncle's daughter who is considered as future bride

Mylaanchi: Mehandi

Naandi: Pre-wedding puja

Naathoon: The sister-in law

Nana: Maternal grandfather

Nani: Maternal grandmother

Nathuri: A nose ring.

Navgraha: The nine planets.

Nichayadartham: Engagement ceremony

Nikaah: Marriage is called as Nikaah by Muslims

Nilvilakku: The special lamp used in Prayers and functions

Onam: The national festival of Kerala

Oppana: A special dance at bride's house at last night prior to the marriage by Muslim community

Othukalyanam: The Engagement

Paath: Prayer Ceremony

Padakkam: Central hanging pendant of a necklace.

Panchang: Hindu calander

Pandit: Priest.

Pani: water in Hindi

Panna: Emarald

Patrika: A written marriage contract

Phool sajja: A Bengali wedding ceremony.

Phulkari: Traditional embroidery

Poojarai: The main priest for prayers in Hindu prayer.

Pradhishanam: The bride will be following the groom holding hands around the stage thrice.

Puhiyaapla: The newly married young man,usually called by Muslims

Qawwali: Songs sung in a particular form ,specially Raajasthaani music

Qoran: The Holy Book of muslims

Queen: The bride wearing the special dress and ornaments is referred to as queen

Receptions: Post wedding ceremony or special dinner

Rumaal: Handkerchief.

Rumalla Sahib: Four pieces of cloth used to cover the holy book

Saali: Sister-in-law (wife's sister).

Sacrament: Religious Ceremony

Sacred: Made holy by religious association

Sadaya: A speicial reception or party in marriage

Sagaai: The engagement ceremony

Salaam: Salutations.

Salwar-Kameez: A traditional outfit comprising a shirt and trousers, worn usually by women of North India

Samooha Vivaham: Marriage of a number of people at the same venue.

Sangeet: Music

Sapthapathy: Seven steps around the sacred fire

Sarangi: A musical instrument.

Shagan: The formal engagement of Sikh wedding

Sindhooram: A special colour (usually red colour ) mark at the forehead

Sthreedhanam: Dowry in malayalam

Sthuthi Chollal: In christian marriages, the bride or groom should respect their parents with closed arms called 'sthuthi'

Thaali: A pendant for the auspicious wedding necklace

Thaalikettu: The main formality or function during marriage-Groom ties Taali on Bride's neck

The Vows: Strictly Religious Part of Marriage-"Udambadi" in Malayalam

Vadhu: The bride

Vadhu Pravesh: Bride enters her husbands home

Valima: Wedding Reception

Valyideel: The engagement among Muslims

Vara Puja: Puja honouring the groom

Varan: The Groom

Vidaai: Bride leaves her parental home

Vidhava: The widow

Vilichuchellal: The announcement at the christian church after engagement

Vivaaha Udambadi: Oath taken by the bride and groom at the time of marriage

Wedlock: Bring married couples together as a lock.

Yadd: Memory

Yathra: Local name used for Travel

Zang: An auspicious gesture

Zarbaf: Dress meterial or fabric

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